Trip Date: May 16–20, 2021
Price: $1499

Yampa River Rafting & Yoga Retreat Featuring:

Hatha Yoga Instructor, Usui Reiki Master and OARS Grand Canyon river guide, Mariah Hibarger, will lead this special Yampa River departure where guests will have the chance to experience a multi-day river trip with the added benefit of a wilderness yoga retreat.

Mariah Hibarger at the oars in Grand Canyon
Mariah Hibarger at the oars in Grand Canyon

The group will begin each day in contemplative silence, followed by gentle movement and a personal inquiry exercise centered on exploring the river within. Each evening in camp, there will be time for personal practice as well as a group activity that incorporates the river and the canyon, meditation, and the chance for stargazing before drifting off to sleep.

Additionally, during our group and individual sessions, guests will have the chance to cultivate or expand a personal yoga and meditation practice on this special river-based workshop. The river is a powerful teacher which asks us to look at our own internal geology and flow, to be gentle with ourselves, and to be open to the changes taking place within us.

The Yampa River is the last undammed tributary of the Colorado River system, and its free-flowing, untamed Class III and IV rapids flow through the heart of Dinosaur National Monument. The Yampa displays sandy beaches, deep, colorful canyons, habitats for native plants and animals, and other splendid features of a river unfettered by man-made obstructions.

Its location adds an intriguing archaeological element, and side hikes along the river reveal ancient fossils, prehistoric Native American ruins, and petroglyphs carved into cliff walls. All these treasures are encased in a strikingly beautiful river corridor where the tall, vertical walls are a canvas of yellow and red, sometimes dramatically streaked with jet-black coloration known as “desert varnish.”

Come experience the freedom of the Yampa, the magnificence of these ancient canyons, and precious time for yourself in the wilderness!

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