I have now walked past the point where one year ago COVID-19 was not part of my vocabulary. The year, on the other side of Corona taking the stage front and center in most of my daily choices and activities, has been an interesting one. One full of success and also real failure and rejection. There have been moments of intense joy and happiness, and there have been moments of real sadness.

There has also been everything between: travel, delayed travel, canceled travel. Holding still. Starting projects. Putting projects down till a better time. Going to work. Coming home from work. Taking a break from work. Health concerns. Life concerns. Changing course with my profession.

The constant on a yogic standpoint has often been no more than breathing, in and out, staying anchored. Staying connected to body. Quieting mind. One. Breath. At. A. Time.

So what are some steps we can each take in this disjointed, jarring, and often triggering moment we find ourselves living? I took some time to think about that today, what constants have kept me on my path, whether I was plodding or skipping, and which distractors or saboteurs threw me off?

Here are three things to eliminate: friendships that don’t feel friendly or supportive, clutter, and unrealistic goals and expectations on yourself and on others.

More importantly, here are three things to nurture during upheaval:

Self-care. This is personal for everyone. As someone who appreciates hot showers and baths, those have been two of my priorities during the last year. But what about people who don’t have hot running water available? That’s a good question. One all of us reading this should consider very thoughtfully.

Clean spaces with structure. Whether it’s your calendar, your kitchen counter tops, or your yard, start to ask yourself what can go. What can you release right now that isn’t serving? There can be a tendency to over schedule, so clear up some time that is structured around something you need. It can be things. We have so many. Why are we holding on to them? It can even be people who don’t have room for us anymore.

Sunshine. One of the most valuable resources I have taken advantage of this last calendar year is sunshine on my skin (with sunscreen of course) and fresh air. Maybe that means a brisk walk or a bike ride or maybe it means putting my yoga mat in the yard, laying down, and holding still long enough for my body to gently pulse with new energy that’s ready for direction.

How are you finding your flow these days? How are you also staying grounded?