Wilderness River Yoga Retreats

River retreats offer a unique opportunity to dive into nature while exploring our inner workings. On each trip, you’ll get to enjoy the thrill of whitewater, marvel at the the beauty of your surroundings, and enjoy delicious home cooked meals cooked outside, all while participating in yoga, meditation, and personal reflection.

One-on-one private class

If you want to deepen your practice beyond what’s available virtually, consider taking instruction to the next level. In person classes allow your instructor to personalize your yoga class to suit your needs and advancement. Whether you want to rehabilitate a recent or persistent injury or you want to deepen an aspect of your personal practice, private classes can meet your needs. Book one or a group based on avaialability and location. Currently all regular and private classes are being held virtually.

Additional Services

Reiki sessions

As yoga teaches about the flow of energy through the body, so does Reiki, an energy practice that began in Japan. The word “reiki” means Universal Life Energy and the practice of Reiki is a care and comfort measure that is widely accepted as a compliment to traditional medical practices.

Both yoga and Reiki teach that energy flows through our bodies through thousands of energy pathways. When one of those pathways is constricted or blocked completely, we become “blocked.” There are lots of ways to remove blockage: a physical asana practice, breathwork and meditation, exercise and adrenaline. Reiki is a gentle practice that removes blockage and returns to normal energy flow without being forceful.

Reiki has been shown to have benefits in multiple clinical studies, including decreased pain, stress, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. In evidence based studies, three specific patient groups show the most notable benefits of Reiki: anxiety, depression, and recovered addiction patients; oncology, terminal, and chronic pain patients; and post- and pre-operative patients.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, all Reiki sessions are currently being carried out as distance Reiki rather than in person.