Today’s posture isn’t one posture, it’s six postures of your choice. All you have to do is move your spine six separate ways.

Life is full. You are busy. We are busy. Sometimes we don’t get to something that we know is good for us, that we know will make us feel better, but instead we would rather eat cake and lie around.

Yoga is a personal practice. While classes are great, ultimately we don’t need someone to tell us step-by-step how to bend, how to move, how to listen and speak to our own bodies. All we need is to do it.

And we each come up with lots of reasons why we can’t. Had to pick up the kids from practice. Had to laundry and grocery shop. Had to make the doughnuts and get paid! No one reason is insignificant nor invalid.

And doing yoga each day because it’s good for me is significant and valid too.

So, what do I do when I know my body needs a little more love? What do I do when I need to quickly tick “yoga” off my daily list and move on to the big ticket items like feeding myself and getting paid?

I do the six movements of the spine. Maybe I do it while I’m still in my sleeping bag. Maybe when I’m cooking the eggs. Maybe I do it by rigging down a bunch of gear before I push off from shore.

Or maybe I’m home and I can go out in my yard on a sunny day and lay down on my mat and take ten minutes to

  • Bend from side to side
  • Reach forward and back
  • And twist right and left

However you choose to do your six movements of the spine doesn’t matter so much as that you do them. Every day. With love and kindness.